EU: In or Out

Hi guys, i’m not really one to get too political on here but this coming vote is really important. So i’m going to share my view on Europe. First of all i want to make it clear that i will be voting to remain. Do i think the Europe is perfect? Far from it, i am not even sure if i think it is even a good idea.The socialist in me absolutely detests the fact that it is a ‘rich boys club’, I hate the fact that it is not democratic enough. I hate the fact that Germany has far too much power. I find a lot of its laws stupid. I hate the fact that it has grown into what it is even though that is not what was planned. I hate the fact it promotes itself as a stabiliser but yet does very little to bring order back to troubled areas. I hate the fact that when we where at war in the Falklands our neighbours where no where to be seen. I hate the fact that it is pro-TTIP. I also hate a lot of other parts about it.

But do you know what i hate more? Uncontrolled Tories, Tories that make Cameron and Osborn look moderate. I hate the idea of either Boris or that UKIP blert having any sort of actual power. I hate the idea of another recession. I hate the idea of the pound collapsing. I hate the idea of the Tories being able to spend on the home counties without us getting a look in.

So if it was a perfect world, yes i would vote leave. I believe in a fairer distribution of wealth and self governance. But as thats not going to happen, it is better to be within and try to change the institution. But if we do remain we need to go back and demand a fairer deal, a deal that reflects our economic strength, a deal that is more democratic and a deal that allows us another referendum in the future if needed