Review – Lamy Safari 2015 Special Edition Fountain Pen

I purchased this item from an online auction site and thus this review is my own personal opinion on the product / company, given in good faith and has not be sponsored or endorsed. The photography unless otherwise stated / credited is also my own. None of the links are affiliate links.


Lamy Safari 2015 SE


Unless you have been living under a stationary rock i would think it’s safe to say that you will have heard of the Lamy range of pens. With its bright selection of colours and its easy grip, it appeals to the novice and seasoned fountain pen user. Utilitarian in design with form following function it screams German engineering and quality.


I decided to finally give in and try a Safari pen, so i opted for the Lime Green 2015 Special Edition from eBay priced at a reasonable Β£15.95. Within two days i was holding my new pen.


My Safari came packaged in a standard blister pack along with a pack of 5 Lime green Lamy T10 cartridges and a carry pouch that seems a bit too large to be truly useful. The pen is light but not small by any stretch of the imagination (weighing in at 17g and 167mm posted). The nib is chrome (i opted for the medium) and the body is ABS with a chrome clip. The Safari comes equipped with 2 ink windows on the side, although i would have prefered them to have clear plastic coverings rather than be open. The nibs are interchangeable and come in the standard sizes like extra fine, fine, medium, plus unique nibs like obliques and stub italics in sizes up to 1.9mm.


Lamy Safari 2015 SE


So far this seems like a great pen and i cant wait to get writing my TMA’s with it!!

Also if Lamy would like to send me some of their other ranges i would love to review them πŸ˜‰


I Have A Problem…

Yeah… Guys… I think i may have developed a bit of an addiction…. You ready for this?

It’s… Pens!

In the last few weeks i have developed a love for high quality pens. I mean i have always been a stationery lover but this is taking it to the next level.

I purchased a Parker Vector Rollerball

Parker Vector Rollerball
Parker Vector Rollerball

And a Parker Jotter Ball Point

Parker Stainless Steel Jotter
Parker Stainless Steel Jotter

Not being happy with the standard refill that comes with the Parker pen, i then had to get the Fisher Space Pen refill after hearing some great reviews.

Fisher Space Pen Refill
Fisher Space Pen Refill

These are some great refills that where designed to be used in space. Β In 1967, after rigorous testing, NASA selected the Fisher Space Pen for use on the Apollo Missions. They are now used on all manned space flights – American and Russian. We figure if you can’t BE an astronaut, you might as well write like one.

Fisher Space Pen Refills
Fisher Space Pen Refills

All i can say is that this refill is amazing, the writing experience is so smooth and the colour is a lovely solid shade. Β Here are some great facts about the Fisher refill:

The Fisher Bullet Space Pen can be used:

  • Upside down
  • Underwater
  • In extreme temperature, hot or cold (-45C to 204C.)
  • At any angle
  • On carbonless paper
  • Over finger prints
  • In zero gravity

Fisher Space Pen facts:

  • The average Space Pen Refill will write 12,500 feet.
  • The first Bullet Space Pen was used on the Apollo 7 mission.
  • The Original Bullet Pen was invented in 1948.
  • The consistency of Space Pen Ink is most like rubber cement.
  • Fisher replacement cartridges are made to fit Mont Blanc, Waterman, Cross, Paper Mate and Parker pens with an adaptor.
  • Prior to the Space Pen, astronauts used pencils to write in space.
  • It would take 3,000,000,000 Space Pens to reach the moon.

Key moments in the history of the Fisher Space Pen:

  • 1968 – Fisher Bullet Space Pens used on Apollo 7 mission after two years of testing by NASA.
  • July 20, 1969 – Bullet Space Pen accompanies Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong during moon landing.
  • 1983 – Fisher Bullet Space Pen is used by Ronald Reagan to sign the Proclamation inaugurating the Air and Space Bicentennial Year to celebrate Man’s first flight in a hot air balloon near Paris, France
  • 1997 – Used during Everest North Face Ski Expedition.