Book List

Here are some of the books that i have read recently and a list of those that I have purchased but are yet to read. If you guys have any suggestions then I would love to hear them!

Book That I Have Read

My James” by Ralph Bulger
The Jigsaw Man” by Paul Britton
The Sleep of Reason: The James Bulger Case” by David James Smith (My Review)
The Psychopath Test” by Jon Ronson (My Review)
Cocky – The Rise and Fall of Curtis Warren” by Tony Barnes, Richard Elias and Peter Walsh (My Review)
When Kids Kill: Unthinkable Crimes of Lost Innocence” by Jonathan Paul (My Review)
Beyond Evil – Inside the Twisted Mind of Ian Huntley” by Nathan Yates (My Review)
Girl A: The Truth About The Rochdale Sex Ring By The Victim Who Stopped Them” by Girl A (anon) (My Review)
Lessons From A Drug Lord” by Shaun Attwood (My Review)
Party Time” by Shaun Attwood (My Review)
Cries Unheard: The Story of Mary Bell” by Gitta Sereny (My Review)
Children Who Kill: Profiles of Pre-teen and Teenage Killers” Carol Anne Davis (My Review)
Hard Time” by Shaun Attwood (My Review)
Prison Time” by Shaun Attwood (My Review)

Books To Read List

Mapping Murder: The Secrets of Geographical Profiling” by David Canter
The Red Ripper: Inside the Mind of Russia’s Most Brutal Serial Killer” by Peter J Conradi
The Last Thursday in July: Memoir of Rachel Nickell” by Andre Hanscombe
The Murder of Rachel Nickell (Blake’s True Crime Library)” by Mike Fielder


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