How To Organise A Pickle

Life has been super busy and un-organised recently which has lead to a large amount of stress. Being a self confessed geek i thought the best way of resolving this would be to get myself more organised using a personal organiser. But how would i approach this? Would i use a digital system that utilises my mobile phone and apps or would i be better with a more traditional Filofax type system?

Liking the idea of having everything in the palm of my hand, first i thought i would try to use my phone. Having a relatively powerful phone (HTC One M8) i thought this would be ideal, and i was sort of right. There is more then enough apps out there to help you organise your life. The key to a digital system is syncing, my calendar, email, contacts and other apps all sync with my PC via the internet. That allowed me to update and control my life from the bigger and more accessible screen of my laptop. As i mentioned earlier, there are a lot of apps out there and here i will list a few that i used and what i used them for:

  • Gmail – For viewing and writing emails for my googlemail account (other email providers have their own apps).
  • Android Calendar – This syncs with my Google calendar to show me any upcoming events.
  • Evernote -Write notes of all types, from short lists to lengthy research, and access them on any device. Collect web articles, handwritten notes, and photos to keep all the details in one place. This is literally the heart of your digital planning, Think of this as your inbox.
  • – Useful to-do list app.
  • CamScanner – Allows you to scan documents using your mobiles camera function.
  • Office Mobile – The mobile version of Microsoft’s famous office software.

* Although i obviously use Android most of these apps will be available for the Apple IOS system.

Having used this system for a while and seeing that it performs really well and is highly customisable, i decided that it wasn’t for me. I think i needed that tactile feel of real paper and pen, of something i can hold and manipulate. So having said that i have now move on to a Filofax, more specifically a black personal sized Domino series. I like this model as it includes an elastic band to secure the planner which holds in all of my notes and pieces of paper.

As of yet i am still exploring this bad boy and i am not 100% sure how to use it. One thing i did not like is the limited binders you get with the organiser. I have made my own simple ones from A4 file dividers cut to size and punched to fit.

I guess i will see how this system works out and hope that it is a bit more appealing to me. 
Either way though, i have an awesome Filofax to appease my stationery geek soul 🙂


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