Psychology Needs Someone Sexy…

Psychology needs someone sexy… there I said it… we need someone sexy.

I have been thinking recently that the sciences have been going through a bit of a revival. Science, especially Physics, are seen as “cool” or “sexy” thanks to the likes of Professor Brian Cox. This has resulted in a mass of students running to take up the traditional sciences as a career path. No one could deny that the former D:Ream keyboardist has a way with words, his passion and energy for science are addictive and you can’t help but be drawn in. We need someone like this in Psychology.

There are currently no “big name” psychologists, no household stars teaching the country about consciousness or defence mechanisms. Currently no big budget shows on BBC2 recreating famous experiments. Why?

Cox is bringing a passion to the general public for learning about the universe. Who could fail to be excited by black holes and string theory, but we have a whole universe worth of knowledge in side of our head. From the fact that not even quantum computers are yet to have matched the processing power of the brain, to consciousness, the spark that makes us who we are but yet is of unknown origin.

Psychology can be fun and exciting and should be held in a similar regard as physics as we are both explorers of a relatively unknown area with lots still to discover. I for one would love to see TV shows dedicated to psychology and the theories it includes.


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