The Sleep Of Reason – The James Bulger Case by David James Smith

The Sleep Of Reason - The James Bulger Case by David James Smith

I am really in two minds about this book. For me, as a person who has done a fair amount of research into the case, i found the first half of the book informative but nothing that i didn’t already know. The second half did reveal a fair amount of information that i did not know.

There seems to be a leaning towards both Jon Venables and Robert Thompson in this book, with very little attention paid to the Bulgers. While this is a interesting stance to take, and i particularly enjoyed his reasoning behind why the crimes where committed, i found there to be a bias towards them.

The way this case was dealt with by everyone involved was a shambles, from the lack of real psychological investigation to the lack of real rehabilitation.

Overall this is a great report into this highly emotive case, by someone who was there from the beginning. It’s just a shame we will never know why or what truly happened to that poor boy on that day.

The one part i really didn’t like was his portrayal of Liverpools past and how he “wasn’t surprised” that there had been three cases of children killing children in the city… uncalled for and very sensationalist.

Well done Mr Smith.

Also i would love to know where the name of the book comes from. I was thinking maybe it comes from the etching “The sleep of reason produces monsters” by Goya.


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