The Beginning of Something Beautiful


This week my 3 year old started nursery, so needless to say it has been a bit of an emotional time for both me and his mother. His school is amazing with both indoor and outdoor activity areas and caring staff.

The one thing i have come to realise is that there is nothing more beautiful than taking your child to school. Most people that i see on the school run seem to treat it like a chore, which could not be further from the truth. To see the excitement build as they get closer, an excitement for learning and social interaction, an excitement that is infectious. Listening to them on the way home is also an amazing thing. While they are telling you what they did and who they played with, you can’t help but feel the fun they experienced.

My son is at the begging of a long but amazing journey into the world of education. He will experience massive highs and terrible lows, but overall he will grow as a person and as a student. I must admit i am a closet geek and secretly harbour ideas of him becoming an astrophysicist or a microbiologist and making a life changing discovery.

The thought of this makes me so excited about my journey with the Open University, which is just beginning. Education is such a special thing that we, all too often, take for granted in the west. The majority of the world could not even dream about the opportunities we have here and that, along with my son, is one of the reasons i am not going to make the same mistakes i did when i was in school.



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