Diary of a Broken Mind – BBC Three

Last night saw the latest instalment of BBC Three’s “It’s a Mad World” series of programs that look at the issues of mental health. After the amazing show “Don’t Call Me Crazy” I had very high hopes that the latest instalment “Diary of a Broken Mind” would help fight the stigma attached to mental health problems. Filmed over the course of 6-8 months, 25 young people with mental health disorders were asked to film their lives, for a ground breaking documentary.

I wasn’t disappointed!

Apart from the very provocative and emotive language used in the naming of the shows and season, I have nothing bad to say about the show. The people involved where open and candid about their experience, leading you to feel a strong bond with them. I particularly felt for Jess (@1Jessicakes) who suffers from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) which was previously known as multiple personality disorder. She managed to come across as a very positive and well-grounded individual who seems to embrace the fact that this condition has shaped who she is.

Stephen Fry's reaction to the emotive title.
Stephen Fry’s reaction to the emotive title.

I really like the fact that she has a great support system in her partner as I know how important to a good level of functioning that can be.

Overall I thought the program was a great help to fight the stigma that is attached to what allot of us suffer.

I would like to share a few links to some great charities that do amazing work in mental health:

@YoungMindsUK @MensMindsMatter @theCALMzone @MindCharity @ItsOkCampaign


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